4“Discipline a Recurring Issue, Despite School’s Effort”

Published: Panther Prowler, December, 2014

About: This editorial tackles the subject of discipline in school. In reporting for this story, I learned that despite our school’s attempt to keep students in class, In-School Suspension numbers are on the rise again for the 2014-15 school year at Pflugerville High School.

Tased and Confused

“Tased and Confused”

Published: Panther Prowler, May, 2014

About: After two incidents in the year of 2013 involving school resource officers (SRO) using tasers on students in the Austin area, I decided to write about how the use-of-force-continuum is demonstrated in school settings, and if these officers were justified to use weapons against students.


“PISD Proposes First Bond in Seven Years”

Published: Panther Prowler, April, 2014

About: In the spring of 2014, Pflugerville Independent School District passed a $287 million bond. It would upgrade infrastructure, enhance safety and security, and build schools for the first time in seven years. In order to break down all aspects of the bond package, I reported on how the money would be spent. I wanted to also gauge student and community reaction to the bond, which included a new $25.8 million dollar district stadium.

Poverty on the Rise

“Crossing the Line”

Published: Panther Prowler, February, 2014

About: Austin, TX was named the number one fastest growing city in America by Forbes. Due to this growth the population in Pflugerville, TX a suburb of Austin has increased greatly; changing the demographic. Along with the influx of people came a spike in poverty throughout this suburban city over the past 10 years. This story explores the difficulties students living in poverty often face.

Your confederate pride is my pain

“Your Confederate Pride is my Pain”

Published: Panther Prowler, December, 2013

Awards: 3rd Place, Personal Opinion Column, 2014 ILPC Newspaper Individual Achievement Awards; Honorable Mention, Column Writing, 2014 Youth Journalism International Excellence in Journalism Contest

About: Living in Texas, I have experienced my fair share of racism. The most blatant and recurring form of racism I noticed was the brandishing of the confederate flag on clothing, jewelry, and car decals. After asking several students their opinion of the flag, some failed to understand the history behind the flag, I decided to write a personal column explaining my feelings toward it.
















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